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We want to see you again and again.

Tongue out and tail wagging.

We understand that leaving pets can be a stressful situation, for humans and our four-legged buddies. With this top of mind all the time, our highly trained and experienced staff strives to make each visit a pleasant one. Our goal is that our guests have such a good time, they are excited to come back. We do this by getting to know a little more about your pet and what they like. With this information, we can keep them stimulated and stress-free. 


The various services we offer allow pets to visit regularly and become quite comfortable with us and our routines. If you are debating boarding a pet in the future, give us a call and let's schedule time for your buddy to come for a few hours of daycare. These type of visits will help get them comfortable...and you too!


10,000 Wags offers suites for both Dogs and Cats along with activities to make their stay as fun as possible.


No need to leave your furbaby at home alone during the day - drop them by and we'll make sure they get some exercise, attention and safe socializing. 


Your pup is in gentle hands with our caring staff. Let us pamper them for you!

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